Well hello there! I thought I would kick off my little blog by telling you a little bit about myself. And since

  1. “about me” paragraphs bore me to death
  2.  I’m addicting to making lists
  3. I wanted an excuse to play in PSE with some new fonts

I thought I would make this a little more interesting by telling you 10 random facts about yours truly.

10-random-factsAnd because I love to share anything I am excited about, like the fonts I used for my image, I’ll share links to where you can download them for free!

numbers: Sullivan
Facts: Splendid 66
Title: Blanch

Two of the three fonts are from a site called Lost Type. If you want to download the font for free you will need to type a “0” in the price box and click download. Be sure to browse their other fonts as well. They are equally as amazing!

I will be using this blog as a place to share my projects including scrapbooking, Project Life, and other craft adventures, as well as other random bits I am currently loving. I hope you will check back in with me to see what I am up to! I also love to meet new people and would love to hear from you! I’d be delighted if you want to connect with me on Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter! Leave a comment any time or email me at confettiandink@gmail.com!