Last fall I started feeling the Project Life itch coming on again. I was seeing it everywhere I looked on my favorite blogs and online shop sites. I caught myself on numerous occasions thinking, “Oh this would be awesome for my Project Life album.”

My only set back was that in 2012, when life got “busy”, my album got put on the back burner. At first it was just the layouts I got behind on. I figured, “I can always just go put it all together later when I have time.” I still jotted notes of my days and took plenty of pictures. Then, a month later, it all hit the back burner. I still took some pictures, but not as many. As for keeping track of dates and jotting down the little things?!…..yeah…..about that.

I knew that if I was going to take on this massive[ awesome] project again in 2013, I was going to have to do some serious research. I was going to have to be completely prepared with a system that was going to work the best for me. Being the tech junkie that I am, my first concern was finding apps that would help me out.

My phone, which never EVER leaves my side, is an android. I also own an iPad that gets a lot of use. I will be mentioning apps that I’ve found useful for both.


Apps available on both devices

  1. Evernote (free):

This is by far my most used app for PL. It’s available for both android and iPhone/iPad, and furthermore it syncs the notes across all devices so you can access them virtually anywhere.

Evernote is a family of products whose primary purpose is to save information in note-taking format. The app allows you to create individual notebooks to organize the different types of information you save. You can also group notebook into “stacks”, or categories. For instance my PL notes are labeled in a stack called Project Life 2013. The individual notebooks are titled by week number.You can also attach pictures to your notes as well.

Each day I create a new note titled with the date into the corresponding notebook. I quickly jot notes throughout the day into the document and attach any pictures I take with my phone. I make note of any pictures I take any other way (ie my big girl camera) and any bits I collect throughout the day, such as business cards. I could technically access my account and notes from the website using my computer and attach pictures into my note from my desktop as well. However, that just seems like an extra step to me.

The only downfall that I have found so far is that you are limited to a certain amount of GB on the free version. You must upgrade to premium to receive 1 GB of space per month. ($4.99 per month or $45 per year) Although, I have been using this app for 3 weeks of daily notes, as well as blog, business, and life stuff, and I am not out of room yet. (I have a total of 36 notes, many of which contain multiple images.)

I definitely recommend this app, I even use it for daily reminders as well (to do lists, blog ideas, grocery lists, etc.) There is also a corresponding app that organizes your notes by creation date onto a calendar called EverCalendar (also free)

2. Dropbox (free):

This is another must have app. Dropbox is an application that allows you to exchange/share files across multiple devices and computers. It is available for both android and iPhone/iPad, as well as your computer. I use this app to quickly transfer my phone photos to my computer for editing and printing. I also have it loaded on my iPad so I can share photos from all 3 devices to use with different apps and planning layouts.

3. Oh Life! (free):

This one isn’t exactly an app. It’s an email based website that will email you reminders to journal about your day. You can set your account up to email you at a certain time of day. In order to save your notes to the site in your account, you simply reply your response to the reminder email that is sent to you. Your notes are then saved and can be viewed on their site. You can also attach pictures to the reply to save with your journal. If you are the type that tends to forget to jot things down about the day, this service could be beneficial to you. I don’t technically use it the way it is intended. I do not reply to my reminder. It is nice to receive the email each evening in case I forgot to write something down, though. I would then turn to my Evernote app to document my day.

Android Apps:

Ok. I’ll admit…there aren’t very many good apps for android users. Apart from the ones listed above, I don’t really use much else. I will talk briefly about a few I have seen or used.

1. Photo Grid (free):

This app allows you to take your pictures and create a mini collage out of them. The pictures can then be saved and either printed for PL, or as I often do, uploaded to Instagram.

2. 365 Photo (free):

Geared more towards Project 365 followers, this app organizes your photos by date into a calendar view. This can be helpful to check dates on photos for Project Life.  You can also easily see which days you have pictures for and which you do not. The downfall to this app, that pushed me to dismiss it, is that you must either take your daily photo in the app’s camera or upload the photo from your gallery manually to each day. Kind of a pain.

iPhone/iPad Apps:

1. Momento ($2.99):

This app is well worth the price! Especially if you are a big social media user. This app’s primary function is for journaling about your day. It allows you to write notes about your day in an easy to see format. You can also upload pictures into your daily notes. These functions are much like any other note-taking/journaling app. What sets Momento apart is that you can sync it to pull information from your social media updates. Many popular feeds are included, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The app automatically attaches your updates from these sites, including pictures, to your daily journal. This makes it very easy to add in filler information in weeks that you might not have many pictures or stories for. It can also help you jog your memory on dates if you forget to write something down, however posted a picture or status about it.

2. Typic Pro ($1.99):

Another app that cost a little bit to download. I haven’t actually used this app yet, however, it was recommended on a Two Peas Forum I started about PL apps awhile ago, while preparing for this post. I have looked into the app and agree that it looks pretty cool. I just haven’t taken the time yet to purchase it and give it a go.

This app allows you to add text and design elements to your photos. It has some pretty trendy designs. It is definitely worth considering.

3. PicTapGo ($1.99):

One last must have app. PicTapGo is a photo editing app designed by the creaters of Totally Rad! Inc. It works similar to Rad Lab Photoshop Actions. The filters and actions included in this app are delightful. It even starts to remember your most used actions and combinations and conveniently saves them for you! I definitely recommend purchasing this one and joining in on all of the photo editing fun!

This completes my overview of my Project Life app choices. I hope you found something helpful in midst this long post! If you know and recommend any others that are not included on the list, do, please, either comment to this post or email me at and let me know! I would love to check them out and possibly add them to the list!

Until next time, toodles! (Do people even still say that?!  meh. Oh Well)