I caught up completely to week 9 and things are feeling good.

When I say I am caught up “completely”, this means that all the pockets are filled, pictures in, and embellishments added. With my pictures, I am caught up to week 13. I have most pictures added, some journaling cards complete, I am just waiting to decide which fillers to use. Oh, and adding in my lists for that week. Something about the task of printing those up on cards and filling them in seems so dreadful. Honestly, I have the file set up even and it doesn’t even take that long….meh. Tomorrow maybe 😉

Enough of my chit chat. Here is the spread!!





Week of: February 25- March 3. I had enough to add this week to take up a 2 page spread for one week!

Favorite details from this spread:

  1. Included a get well card I received in the mail this week. I just punched holes in the card and inserted it directly into the binder rings. I included the envelope as well. I think it’s super special to include these kind of things. Especially when their hand written details are added.
  2. A second insert using baseball card protectors from Wal-Mart. This one includes my list from this week. I am following 30 days of lists very loosely. I am in love with the concept, however, if I am not feeling inspired by a prompt I simply make up my own that will share a detail I want remembered about my life now.
  3. Did a lot of online shopping this week. (This was the week after cutting my leg open and I was instructed to stay off of my feet.) Boredom gets expensive! 😉 I included some of the shipping receipts etc to my spread.
  4. Included a screen shot of a text conversation I had. I was particularly random and chatty that day. Wanted to document this odd quirk about me.
  5. Included my fortunes from a lunch date. That silverware stamp is one of my favorites! Especially with embossing powder!
  6. Loving both embossing powder and dymo labels this week! Will share in a later post sometime how I created my homemade wood circles inspired by Monica Tous.
  7. Put a quote directly over a picture with the help of some vellum to make it stand out. This is one of my favorite techniques!
  8. Layered together that fun month card signaling the beginning of a new month! Used a free download from Finding Nana, Maggie Holmes for Crate “3”, and some twine and washi for good measure 🙂

PLweek9-2 PLWeek9 PLweek9-3