I received my Studio Calico Project Life kit + Today Noted stamp set by Blinks of Life in the mail Monday!! Check out her site, I am also crazy about that “Hold that thought” stamp! Officially added to my wish list. I am so excited to start playing around with my kit! So many awesome things in such a little box! 😉

project life kit-1

Only about 4 more spreads and I’m current with my 2013 album!!! That is such a good feeling. Last night I worked diligently to edit and select my photos for week 14!! That will mean I will have everything I need to put together my remaining spreads so far!



Week10-3Week of: March 4- March 10 (Enough for a week to have it’s own spread again!)

Details I Love this week:

  1. Label + Dymo week # combination. Super simple.
  2. More of those wood circles I threw together. Tutorial soon.
  3. New bright embossing powders + “NewsFlash” stamp(from another SC Project Life kit) multiple times.
  4. Typing directly on photos before printing!
  5. Loving the circle picture on plain white card + typed journaling.
  6. Screen shot taken of the insane number of “junk” emails I receive from various places. (on the to do list)

week 10

Technically I am still missing my 30 days of Lists insert, however, I will have to add a picture of that to the next Project Life post. It will look very similar to week 9’s. I am keeping them very simple in design, with minimal embellishing.

This week I plan on sharing: (In no particular order)

  1. More project life posts
  2. More layouts for my niece’s album
  3. My favorite fonts + my new font reference method (this one is a bit more complete than my framed method I have currently)
  4. Some head shots my friend and I did for one another
  5. My spring/summer project goals

It should be a pretty full week of a variety of things!

And that wraps up another spread! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’ll stop back by soon!