Today I thought I would share a few things that are going on around here currently. Over the weekend Valerie, a dear friend of mine, and I went out exploring the town to take some awesome head shots of one another. We had so much fun! Constantly laughing. Valerie is an amazing photographer. She has such a great eye. Here are a few I thought I would share with you.





In the works

I thought I would start a little something called “In the Works”. In these posts, I will just share a little bit about the projects that I am currently working on along with a little shot of what’s on my scrapbook desk right now.

work desk-dateables-2

Working on week 14 of my project life. (I might have skipped a little) Still crazy about my embossing powder. Thinking I need to go pick up a few more today.

I read a recent post at A Beautiful Mess on my feedly reader the other day that got me thinking about my project goals. There were several occasions over winter that I said “I am going to get [this] done this spring/summer!” After reading Elsie’s post I came to the conclusion that I should make a list of my own Spring and Summer project goals. Mostly because I am an obsessive list-maker. But also because I know that if I make it a goal in writing, I am more likely to actually plan and accomplish it. Here are my project goals for the coming seasons.

  1. Give my closet a facelift. I have a large walk-in closet that currently is a bit of a site for sore eyes. I am envisioning white shelving for all of my purses and shoes, baskets and bulletin style boards for my jewelry. And something for my scarves. Shower hooks+towel bar maybe? This project is also going to require a MAJOR purge. I mean really! I don’t even wear half of that stuff!
  2. Redecorate/organize scrapbook room. I mentioned a few ideas I had in another post. Lighter/airy walls+bold chalkboard wall. Stamp storage. Ribbon. The works.
  3. Places I’ve Been Project. I’ve started collecting inspiration on Pinterest for a map project I want to create in my Studio.
  4. Plant Something. Indoor herb garden? Succulents? Some sort of vegetable? Still deciding. Just want to add a little green to my thumb.

What projects are you planning in the coming months?