Another one bites the dust. And another one bites…and ano…yeah you get the point.

PLweek5&6 full


Weeks of: January 28- February 10

PLweek5&6 left

PLweek5&6 right


Details I Love:

That ampersand card

Studio Calico Project Life Kit bits: Good Times card, February card, Groundhog Day card, and “This is Life” tab

Stitching across letter sticker title “Early Spring”

Including memorabilia (credit voucher from the casino) This is one of my favorite parts about this format!

PLweek5&6 full2

PLweek5&6 insert


Yup, another insert this week. Still loving the variety.

Getting A LOT of use from that Simple Stories Snap collection. Perfection! (Insert protectors, numerous labels, letter stickers)

That completes another spread from my album!

And before I let ya go, thought I’d share a few pictures from Easter because I’m overly thrilled with how far my photography has come since taking Maggie’s class! (I may or may not have ended up with over 350 pictures from the day! And instead of having trouble finding a good one in the mix, it was hard narrowing down to my favorites!) My nieces and nephews were of course the center of my attention 😉

kids porch

Kori getting egg

kori kiss

mom and Kori

pey in basket


I would love to see your projects! Link me up in the comments! Have a wonderful day! Thanks for swinging by!