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Today I thought I would share a few things that are going on around here currently. Over the weekend Valerie, a dear friend of mine, and I went out exploring the town to take some awesome head shots of one another. We had so much fun! Constantly laughing. Valerie is an amazing photographer. She has such a great eye. Here are a few I thought I would share with you.





In the works

I thought I would start a little something called “In the Works”. In these posts, I will just share a little bit about the projects that I am currently working on along with a little shot of what’s on my scrapbook desk right now.

work desk-dateables-2

Working on week 14 of my project life. (I might have skipped a little) Still crazy about my embossing powder. Thinking I need to go pick up a few more today.

I read a recent post at A Beautiful Mess on my feedly reader the other day that got me thinking about my project goals. There were several occasions over winter that I said “I am going to get [this] done this spring/summer!” After reading Elsie’s post I came to the conclusion that I should make a list of my own Spring and Summer project goals. Mostly because I am an obsessive list-maker. But also because I know that if I make it a goal in writing, I am more likely to actually plan and accomplish it. Here are my project goals for the coming seasons.

  1. Give my closet a facelift. I have a large walk-in closet that currently is a bit of a site for sore eyes. I am envisioning white shelving for all of my purses and shoes, baskets and bulletin style boards for my jewelry. And something for my scarves. Shower hooks+towel bar maybe? This project is also going to require a MAJOR purge. I mean really! I don’t even wear half of that stuff!
  2. Redecorate/organize scrapbook room. I mentioned a few ideas I had in another post. Lighter/airy walls+bold chalkboard wall. Stamp storage. Ribbon. The works.
  3. Places I’ve Been Project. I’ve started collecting inspiration on Pinterest for a map project I want to create in my Studio.
  4. Plant Something. Indoor herb garden? Succulents? Some sort of vegetable? Still deciding. Just want to add a little green to my thumb.

What projects are you planning in the coming months?


craft room 6

This past week, I have been working hard to get my scrapbook room cleaned and organized. I was running out of usable table space to work on projects due to product and scraps of paper piled in my way from previous projects. My new self-improvement goal for the month…work on picking up between projects. Finally, I have it almost complete. There is still one side of the room that is needing some reorganizing. Hopefully, I will be able to get through that side next week. I figured I might as well share with you where I do all of my crafting while it is clean and tidy. (This opportunity doesn’t happen often.) The next step after getting everything picked up and put away is to purge and deep clean the drawers and shelves. Sorry dust bunnies, consider this your eviction notice. 
craft room 3

craft room 4

craft room 5craft room 1 craft room2

I really love how bright and cheerful my space is. I am inspired by color most of the time. I also love all of the table space I have. (When it is cleaned!) I have 4 different possible working areas. In the middle is my primary work table. I purchased it at IKEA. The legs are the FINNVARD trestles with a shelf. I love that these are adjustable to the height you need. Currently I am a stand up scrapper, however, I love the option of lowering it to sit if I ever switch. The desk top is the VIKA BRUVAN, although I did not see that it was listed any longer. I love that I can store my most used tools,  paper trimmer, and a few often used paper packs on the shelf under the glass and see through to what’s there.  I have 2 other small desks made from the cubes found at Hobby Lobby. One is for my typewriter and printer, with space for my lap top. The other holds some embellishments as well as my sewing machine. The final desk is my second work area. It also is very large with room for both my silhouette use and cricut. I have found that since purchasing this desk from Nebraska Furniture Mart, I use my silhouette much more often. Behind my main desk I purchased the Billy Bookcase from IKEA. I also have an Expedit on one wall that houses most of my embellishments.

This summer I am planning a repaint. I am thinking possibly a light mint—something fresh and airy. Also, thinking a chalkboard wall is in my future with some large bulletin boards! I also am on the lookout for a new ribbon storage solution. Also debating Kinsey’s stamp storage solution. My room and storage pieces have developed and accumulated over many years. I generally buy about one new piece a year. Right now I am dreaming of the Alex drawers and the RASKOG cart. Also this, this, and these.

What storage pieces do you have your eye on?

To see what organizational and decoration ideas are inspiring me now, follow my board on Pinterest!